17 St Nicholas & co - Once in Royal Gotham City

December 18, 2017
Merry Cristes Maesse! Our 2nd Christmas special features 2 more live guests + 5 festive historical wonders who changed Christmas for the... well for that whatever you think of it now. This episode:
- Xmas Xpert JAMES COOPER from WhyChristmas.com
- My 3yr old DAUGHTER playing Father Christmas 
plus tales of these festives ledges:
- ST NICK and his 5:2 plan
- WASHINGTON IRVING, the man behind Gotham City, knickers and the modern Christmas
- CLEMENT CLARKE MOORE, poet and champion of what to do when you've left it too late for a present
- BISHOP BENSON, inventor of Nine Lessons & Carols and a classic Christmas ghost story

- ROLAND HUSSEY MACY: Mr Macy's. Well Mr Macy.

Paul's Christmas book is Hark! The Biography of Christmas: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hark-Biography-Christmas-Paul-Kerensa/dp/0745980171

Paul's Yule blog is www.kneeldownstandup.wordpress.com

James' Christmas site is www.whychristmas.com 
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16 Charles Dickens & co - Jingle Bells Whisky

December 4, 2017
Merry Advent! The 1st of 2 Christmas specials features not 7 guests-a-guesting, but, well 2. Plus 5 honorary historical Christmas stars who helped sculpt the Christmas we now know. So that means we get properly Dickensian with:
- Star of The Man Who Invented Christmas, Paddington 2 & The Death of Stalin, JUSTIN EDWARDS (we think he's the star)
- Mr WhyChristmas.com, JAMES COOPER
plus places set at the table for:
and of course
- The baby JESUS
James' Christmas site is www.whychristmas.com

Paul's Christmas book is Hark! The Biography of Christmas: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hark-Biography-Christmas-Paul-Kerensa/dp/0745980171


Justin (as Jeremy Lion)'s 12 days of Christmas can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy791huV-Dk (other versions available) (prob not suitable for children)

Another festive episode will follow...
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15 John Archer & co - Derren, Daniels, Dawkins + debates

November 7, 2017
Magic's in the air as we meet the first person to fool Penn & Teller on their 'Fool Us' TV show, plus others tell of Paul Daniels making an elephant disappear and debating Derren Brown. Plus tales of stand-up philosophy, sit-down theology, refugees and referees. And your Bring A Bottle moment is to get hold of/post a review of this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hark-Biography-Christmas-Paul-Kerensa/dp/0745980171 - Thanks!
On this episode:
- The Magic Circle's top comedy magician, BAFTA-winning JOHN ARCHER
- Comedian & writer ANDY KIND on his first gig and his latest job
- Home for Good's KRISH KANDIAH on the refugee crisis

- Writer and theological referee JUSTIN BRIERLEY on Derren and Dawkins

- Sorted magazine editor STEVE LEGG on escapology

- Chortle Comedian of the Year CARL DONNELLY on what to write

- QI elf STEVYN COLGAN talks for about 8 minutes about 8 minutes

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14 Tony Law & co - Surgical Silk Gown

September 19, 2017
Hospitals! House-buying! Football training! Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning comedians, storytellers and a radio producer bring us our customary cocktail of chat, this time with a frequent medical skew. Bits of our live show mingle with returning guests and fresh blood (and it does include blood). Plus your host does a fairly consistent amount of plugging for live events from Liverpool Comedy Festival to London book launches.
On this episode:
- Canadian tale-weaver TONY LAW on the Silk Road and rhythmic gymnastics
- Chortle Comedian of the Year CARL DONNELLY on stage attire
- Financial guru DOMINIC FRISBY on why young people can’t buy houses
- Storyteller BECCA BARON with a true surgical horror story
- Radio producer CHRIS BYLAND on making great radio and making great future footballers
- Jet-setting comic DAVID WHITNEY on pre-gig feng shui and etiquette
- Comedian ERICH MCELROY on being a TV pundit
Come to these...
Paul’s London show Sept 23rd: https://museumofcomedy.ticketsolve.com/shows/873571229
Paul’s Liverpool show Sept 26th: https://www.ents24.com/liverpool-events/hot-water-comedy-club/paul-kerensa/5102039
Paul’s Guildford book launch Oct 1st: http://www.guildford.gov.uk/visitguildford/16133?product=1482361
Paul’s London book launch Oct 11th: https://www.list.co.uk/event/849125-paul-kerensa-hark-the-biography-of-christmas/
Paul’s Nottingham show Nov 9th: https://www.seetickets.com/event/paul-kerensa-navelless-gazing/the-lacehouse/1135179
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13 Peter Buckley Hill & co - Edinburgh special!

August 2, 2017
A fringetastic Edinburgh speciale! Recorded (alright, edited) live in Edinburgh, with Fringe-bound comedians, actors, a writer and, well, this lot:
- Free Fringe founder PETER BUCKLEY HILL on the early days of alternative comedy...
- Last year’s Mr Best Joke of the Fringe MASAI GRAHAM on his two types of joke…
- Actors ANNA NICHOLSON, ANNA NEWCOME and CAMERON POTTS on bringing the Reformation to the Fringe, and spare pairs of pants…
- Writer JAMES CARY on wrong audiences and best sitcoms…
- And a sneak peek of next episode’s star guest TONY LAW - and he’s wearing pyjamas.
I’m not Edinburghing, but I am Camdening, Cornwalling and Ketteringing - so come see me in one of those. And pre-order my book! https://www.waterstones.com/book/hark/paul-kerensa/9780745980171
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12 Liz Earle & co - Business, Bacteria + Bones Beneath Escalators

June 27, 2017

Business! Beauty! Bacteria! Bath-based creativity!

This month's magnificent 7 talk all things business, from starting a wholesome men's magazine to starting a healthy living magazine, from how to run one of the UK's biggest charities to where stand-up comedy meets archaeology. Our most eclectic bunch yet are:

- Beauty empiress LIZ EARLE on goodness, guts and GMTV

- Founder of the Oasis charity STEVE CHALKE on running a hairdressers', a library, a cafe... and basically it's like Sim City.

- Peter Kay's Car Share co-creator TIM REID on what businesses can learn from comedy writers

- Stand-up archaeologist PAUL DUNCAN MCGARRITY on the morbid goings-on beneath station escalators

- Free Fringe founder PETER BUCKLEY-HILL on fixing the comedy circuit

- Sorted magazine founder & magician STEVE LEGG on polygons and weird gigs

- Comic and actor DAVID WHITNEY on why the London Olympics was humanity's peak

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11 Joe Lycett & co - Doctor Foster had a Car Share

May 26, 2017

Comedic behind-the-scenes-ness, from Car Share to Comic Relief, plus fostering + adoption, supporting yourself on tour, and plenty more besides. Each week we chat to 7 fascinating folks from comedy, media, or my street. This time it's:

- Mr Everywhere JOE LYCETT on brilliant show titles, quantum physics & Nigella Farage

- Mr Science ROBIN INCE on meeting Peter Capaldi

- Mr Car Share (co-creator thereof) TIM REID on attaching Peter Kay to your show

- Mr Sitcom JAMES CARY on, well, sitcom

- Miss Israel (honorary title) DAPHNA BARAM on why men do jokes & women do stories

- Dr KRISH KANDIAH on the intricacies of midnight fostering

- Dr Jekyll (ALEXIS DUBUS) and his Mr Hyde (Marcel Lucont) on performing with each other... when you're the same person  

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10 Robin Ince & co - Outliving the Brontes (& Pension Advice Thereafter)

May 4, 2017

Excerpts from our live show mix with regular guests to bring you 7 excellent individuals from comedy, media, my street, and anyone else who dares to cross my path thinking they can get away without being stopped for a chitchat. Fresh from our live show, we get a bit more performative than usual, with two visits to Poetry Corner, as well as, well, this lot:

- Poetic gloating from Radio 4's ROBIN INCE, on those he's overtaken age-wise

- Genuinely useful financial tips from moneyman DOMINIC FRISBY

- 'Being A Comic' by someone who is very good at being a comic, ALEXIS DUBUS 

- Singer LORETTA ANDREWS on life on the BV circuit 

- Topical jokes from ROB THOMAS: a Russian doll-esque podcast within a podcast

- Radio 1 Roadshow memories with producer CHRIS BYLAND

- Jokewonder MASAI GRAHAM's big screen info-nuggets in the Trivialcove

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09 Dominic Frisby & co - £s, Shillings + Mike Pence

April 17, 2017

One more knee-length episode on money, politics, and weird roles, as we delve into the interests 'n' passions of comedians, actors and people I bump into. Oh, and don't forget our live show - Sun 23rd April at The Bill Murray in London - http://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/events/live-podcast-night/ for tickets. Tweet that web link along with #HeptClubLive, and one name at random will win a bundle of books & DVDs. Come on down!

And this time...

- The original comedy podcaster DOMINIC FRISBY on finance and funniness

- Comedian MATT GREEN on filming Finding Neverland while doing a fringe show


- Comedian ERICH MCELROY & theologian, writer and speaker Dr KRISH KANDIAH on Mike Pence's dining practices...

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08 Carl Donnelly & co - Diana Ross + Leo Sayer

April 8, 2017

A brief one-off return, to lure you to our live show in London on Sun 23rd April 2017 - £5 tickets & details at http://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/events/live-podcast-night/. Tweet the link with #HeptClubLive to win books & DVDs. Meanwhile, here are 7 guests we've mustered for your listening pleasure...

- Chortle Club Comic of the Year 2017 CARL DONNELLY on how not to iron backstage

- Writer JAMES CARY on creating The Hurt Locker: The Sitcom 

- Comic & pundit ERICH MCELROY on what to expect from Trump

- Radio presenter & backing singer to the stars LORETTA ANDREWS

- Journalist, translator & comedian DAPHNA BARAM on commuting in Israel & Oxford

- JON SANDYS on Leo Sayer

- OWEN SIMS on, well, ditto

More episodes when we can - in the mean time, see you at our live show perchance? Guest details in this episode!



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