A Paul Kerensa Podcast

05 Jimmy Cricket & co - Roxette Around the Christmas Tree

December 19, 2016

It's Christmas! Tis the season to... lose the podcast you've just edited. So this is take 2 - and therefore forgive if it's a little bumpy & less polished. But it's still a festive cracker - taking in retro comedy from Blackadder to The Two Ronnies, via inside scoops from QI and The Apprentice... and a comedy legend in person:

- JIMMY CRICKET on his wellie-boot-filled career

- Comedian DAVE THOMPSON on being at the recording of Blackadder II

- A festive song from GAV MILNTHORPE

- QI elf STEVYN COLGAN's favourite fact connections

- Apprentice bronze place RICHARD WOODS on that cafe

- BELINDA CAMPBELL on her dad the writer for The Two Ronnies

- Poet RUSS BRAVO on LPs and weird rock interviews

...and a poetic sneak peek preview from Paul Kerensa's new book

Happy Christmas!