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07 Revs Kate Bottley ‘n’ Richard Coles & co - The Butlers Did It

February 7, 2017

Our last of this series welcomes 3 comedians, 2 TV vicars, an acclaimed Muslim broadcaster and a robo-butler. As ever the guests are from comedy, entertainment, and my general (moveable) surroundings. Before we break for a wee while, let's enjoy tales of the comedy circuit and behind-the-scenes access to Radio 2's 'Pause For Thought' slot from 4 whole Pause-For-Thoughters, including...

- Ex-Communard REV RICHARD COLES on his life ban with Hertz Car Rental

- Journalist ABDUL-REHMAN MALIK on encountering Genesis (the band)

- Musicomic ROSIE WILBY on Britpop and Brexit - the comedy circuit version

- Goggleboxer REV KATE BOTTLEY on having a parish called Scrooby

- Edinburgh star JULIETTE BURTON on oysters and Bali philosophy

- Cabaret comedian ABI ROBERTS on being the first British stand-up to take on Russia

- Famed website butler JEEVES on being abandoned for too long

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