A Paul Kerensa Podcast

09 Dominic Frisby & co - £s, Shillings + Mike Pence

April 17, 2017

One more knee-length episode on money, politics, and weird roles, as we delve into the interests 'n' passions of comedians, actors and people I bump into. Oh, and don't forget our live show - Sun 23rd April at The Bill Murray in London - http://www.angelcomedy.co.uk/events/live-podcast-night/ for tickets. Tweet that web link along with #HeptClubLive, and one name at random will win a bundle of books & DVDs. Come on down!

And this time...

- The original comedy podcaster DOMINIC FRISBY on finance and funniness

- Comedian MATT GREEN on filming Finding Neverland while doing a fringe show


- Comedian ERICH MCELROY & theologian, writer and speaker Dr KRISH KANDIAH on Mike Pence's dining practices...

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