A Paul Kerensa Podcast

11 Joe Lycett & co - Doctor Foster had a Car Share

May 26, 2017

Comedic behind-the-scenes-ness, from Car Share to Comic Relief, plus fostering + adoption, supporting yourself on tour, and plenty more besides. Each week we chat to 7 fascinating folks from comedy, media, or my street. This time it's:

- Mr Everywhere JOE LYCETT on brilliant show titles, quantum physics & Nigella Farage

- Mr Science ROBIN INCE on meeting Peter Capaldi

- Mr Car Share (co-creator thereof) TIM REID on attaching Peter Kay to your show

- Mr Sitcom JAMES CARY on, well, sitcom

- Miss Israel (honorary title) DAPHNA BARAM on why men do jokes & women do stories

- Dr KRISH KANDIAH on the intricacies of midnight fostering

- Dr Jekyll (ALEXIS DUBUS) and his Mr Hyde (Marcel Lucont) on performing with each other... when you're the same person  

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