A Paul Kerensa Podcast

12 Liz Earle & co - Business, Bacteria + Bones Beneath Escalators

June 27, 2017

Business! Beauty! Bacteria! Bath-based creativity!

This month's magnificent 7 talk all things business, from starting a wholesome men's magazine to starting a healthy living magazine, from how to run one of the UK's biggest charities to where stand-up comedy meets archaeology. Our most eclectic bunch yet are:

- Beauty empiress LIZ EARLE on goodness, guts and GMTV

- Founder of the Oasis charity STEVE CHALKE on running a hairdressers', a library, a cafe... and basically it's like Sim City.

- Peter Kay's Car Share co-creator TIM REID on what businesses can learn from comedy writers

- Stand-up archaeologist PAUL DUNCAN MCGARRITY on the morbid goings-on beneath station escalators

- Free Fringe founder PETER BUCKLEY-HILL on fixing the comedy circuit

- Sorted magazine founder & magician STEVE LEGG on polygons and weird gigs

- Comic and actor DAVID WHITNEY on why the London Olympics was humanity's peak

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