The Heptagon Club with Paul Kerensa

14 Tony Law & co - Surgical Silk Gown

September 19, 2017
Hospitals! House-buying! Football training! Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning comedians, storytellers and a radio producer bring us our customary cocktail of chat, this time with a frequent medical skew. Bits of our live show mingle with returning guests and fresh blood (and it does include blood). Plus your host does a fairly consistent amount of plugging for live events from Liverpool Comedy Festival to London book launches.
On this episode:
- Canadian tale-weaver TONY LAW on the Silk Road and rhythmic gymnastics
- Chortle Comedian of the Year CARL DONNELLY on stage attire
- Financial guru DOMINIC FRISBY on why young people can’t buy houses
- Storyteller BECCA BARON with a true surgical horror story
- Radio producer CHRIS BYLAND on making great radio and making great future footballers
- Jet-setting comic DAVID WHITNEY on pre-gig feng shui and etiquette
- Comedian ERICH MCELROY on being a TV pundit
Come to these...
Paul’s London show Sept 23rd:
Paul’s Liverpool show Sept 26th:
Paul’s Guildford book launch Oct 1st:
Paul’s London book launch Oct 11th:
Paul’s Nottingham show Nov 9th:
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