The Heptagon Club with Paul Kerensa

15 John Archer & co - Derren, Daniels, Dawkins + debates

November 7, 2017
Magic's in the air as we meet the first person to fool Penn & Teller on their 'Fool Us' TV show, plus others tell of Paul Daniels making an elephant disappear and debating Derren Brown. Plus tales of stand-up philosophy, sit-down theology, refugees and referees. And your Bring A Bottle moment is to get hold of/post a review of this: - Thanks!
On this episode:
- The Magic Circle's top comedy magician, BAFTA-winning JOHN ARCHER
- Comedian & writer ANDY KIND on his first gig and his latest job
- Home for Good's KRISH KANDIAH on the refugee crisis

- Writer and theological referee JUSTIN BRIERLEY on Derren and Dawkins

- Sorted magazine editor STEVE LEGG on escapology

- Chortle Comedian of the Year CARL DONNELLY on what to write

- QI elf STEVYN COLGAN talks for about 8 minutes about 8 minutes

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