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19 Greatest Story Ever Toured special minisode

June 5, 2018
A sort of advertourial one-off minisode opens season 3 - because I'm plugging my own tour: The Greatest Story Ever Toured. This time all 7 guests are from the show that we're taking around the land, skilfully unlocking, awkwardly rapping and generally tinkering with bits of Bible. Our 7 guests are:
- Theologian and daddy of The Bible Course, Dr ANDREW
- CATH, the Welshest person ever & glorious leader of a cappella troupe Sound of Wales
- Sound of Wales man, MATT
- Sound of Wales intern AMY
- Sound of Wales non-intern non-man MEG 
- Tour producer and all-round good egg ROB
- + Bible Society Head of Comms and person-in-charge of the tour, RACHEL
Tour comes (so far) to Reigate, Guildford, Chester, Hull, Tunbridge Wells, Bristol, Exeter + Wimborne. Details: https://www.biblesociety.org.uk/explore-the-bible/the-bible-course/the-bible-course-on-tour/
Next time, more varied guests!
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