03 Miranda Hart & co - Stickered Fruit + Red Carpets

November 1, 2016

7(ish) great guests, chat everything...

- MIRANDA HART on the perfect party & who gets her star-struck
- TIM VINE on dado rails
- DOMINIC HOLLAND on his son's red carpet moment
- RUSS ANDERSON on the seven wonders
- JENNIFER MASTERS on the seven dwarves
- BELINDA CAMPBELL on her dad the director of 'that show'
- NICK BATTLE on Englebert, Michael & The Spice Girls
...and is that MICHAEL BUBLE over there? Maybe... (Maybe not)

02 Sally Phillips & co - Children, TV & Children’s TV

October 15, 2016

7 more guests from comedy/entertainment/my neighbourhood, chatting a bit of everything...

- Bridget Jones/Miranda star SALLY PHILLIPS on religion, swearing & her Down's Syndrome documentary
- QI elf STEVYN COLGAN on the brand new series
- stand-up DAVE THOMPSON on being Tinky-Winky
- Wide Awake Club creator NICK WILSON on a lifetime in children's TV
- Rev RICHARD COLES on weddings & funerals
- WAAF veteran MADLEINE EVANS on seeing Glen Miller's final performance
- comedian MILTON JONES on whether comedians are prophets

01 Milton Jones & co - Elementary Guinea Pigs

September 26, 2016

7 famous/unfamous/infamous guests chew over the following...

- top comic MILTON JONES on ad companies having 'similar' jokes to him
- Gogglebox's Rev KATE BOTTLEY on TV and vicardom
- 2015's The Apprentice bronze runner-up RICHARD WOODS on Lord Sugar of Amstrad
- moviemistakes.com's JON SANDYS on redundant keyboard keys
- chum RUSS ANDERSON on the anti-helium
- guerilla gardener RICHARD REYNOLDS on, well, guerrilla gardening
- my 5yr old SON hears my most embarrassing moment ever
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